Velocitek Speedpuck - GPS / Speedo / Windshift Indicator

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  • Velocitek Speedpuck - GPS / Speedo / Windshift Indicator
  • Velocitek Speedpuck - GPS / Speedo / Windshift Indicator
  • Velocitek Speedpuck - GPS / Speedo / Windshift Indicator
  • Velocitek Speedpuck - GPS / Speedo / Windshift Indicator

Velocitek Speedpuck - GPS / Speedo / Windshift Indicator


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Bussola: Visualizza la rubrica/naturalmente nel terreno. aggiornato due volte al secondo.
tachimetro Display: velocità. aggiornato due volte al secondo.Può essere disattivata se vietata dalla classe regole.
Velocità massima: Display massima 10 Seconda velocità media. massima velocità o lampeggia tra entrambi istantaneo (configurabile dall' utente).
speedpuck è progettato per affidabilità a lungo termine in un acqua salata ambiente marino.
Resistenza all' acqua 3 m/3 m

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Instant installation with accuracy you can count on. If you race sailboats the benefits of an accurate speedometer are probably already fairly obvious to you. Even still you might not sail with a speedo because you can't be bothered to drill holes in your hull and wire-up a paddlewheel transducer. Or maybe you already have a through-hull speedo but you're sick of the transducer getting fouled and you're never quite sure if the instrument is properly calibrated. The award winning SpeedPuck is completely self contained and can be installed in seconds without tools. Instead of using a paddlewheel the SpeedPuck calculates your speed by measuring the Doppler shift in GPS signals to provide you with an updated reading twice a second. The SpeedPuck never needs to be calibrated and maintains uniform accuracy at all speeds. See what you can't feel. A less than half-knot change in boatspeed doesn't sound like much. It doesn't feel like much either and that's the problem. Unless you have an accurate instrument like the SpeedPuck on board you probably won't notice anything at first. Eventually you will notice though because even if you're only 0.1 knots off pace you're losing more than a boatlength every three minutes. Without a good speedo you'll most likely be sucking exhaust by the time you realize that something's wrong. With the SpeedPuck you get a new speed measurement every half-second. If you wander into adverse current or your crew on the rail start slacking the SpeedPuck will tell you right away. Hit the water. Now. What do you do when you read these words: Please read this manual fully before using your new... If you're like most sailors you probably stop reading and immediately stash the document in an obscure location where it will suffer water damage and / or never be found again. With the SpeedPuck we decided to get real and design a product that almost anybody can figure out and start using in a few minutes without having to read anythin